Transgender Therapy

I have provided gender affirming care since 2003. My goal is to provide support to my patients throughout all phases of their exploration of gender identity, gender expression, and transition.


Life is full of changes, challenges, hurts and disappointments. My goal is to help you to explore your own thoughts and feelings without judgment. I want to help you become effective and confident by generating strategies to deal with issues such as conflict, stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression.

Youth and Children

I have spent years as a public school teacher, school counselor, and behavioral specialist. Additionally, as a life-long parent turned grandmother, I have a significant amount of experience when working with families and parents of my clients.


With decades of experience in working with children as a parent, public school teacher, public school counselor, behavioral specialist, and therapist, I’m confident I’ll be able to help you come up with the best strategy to fit your child’s needs.


Since 2003, I have been licensed as a counselor by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health and have been a registered hypnotist since 1996.


I provide a safe space for all LGBTQ individuals to explore their expression of gender and the challenges of coming out and dealing with potential discrimination. I provide strategies for coping and for problem solving that I developed while working with the transgender community for over twenty years. In that time, I have worked with all ages and with their families.

End of Life Counseling

My goal is to assist families, including their terminal loved-one, in all phases of the dying process. I counsel the family by providing emotional support, guidance and information to help them make respectful and informed decisions. I counsel the family about the process of dying and how best to be prepared as each stage progressing toward death is reached. Always, I tailor my counseling approach to each unique family situation.

Grief and Bereavement

I counsel individuals and families on the grieving process and I guide them through the process of grieving and bereavement. Grieving is a personal and individual process.


Hospice is a centrally administered program of palliative and supportive services. Hospice’s philosophy is to affirm life. Death is viewed as a normal process. This process is neither hastened nor postponed by Hospice.

Death and Dying Counseling for Children

I can provide support to young children as they confront issues of death, often for the first time. Unfortunately, their needs are too often inadequately addressed, sometimes due to the lack of understanding by the adults in their lives just what their level of understanding of the situation is, and due to a lack of knowledge how to sensitively address the unique needs of the child.

Communication Skills

Improving verbal communication helps resolve tension, reduce stress, and avoid misunderstanding in all relationships. Marriages and committed relationships especially benefit from discussing important topics and working through problems.


Building a trusting relationship is one of the first things I work to achieve since clients must discuss highly personal matters. I listen carefully with the goal of bringing greater understanding of issues that have contributed to the depression. Through these insights, I can provide solutions to many problems. Depression can start to lift when a patient has a clear perspective of what is needed in order to achieve resolution to their issues. I may suggest combining medication and talk therapy to achieve maximum benefit.

Relationship Issues

I provide an accepting environment where couples can feel free to discuss highly personal and sensitive issues without judgment. I invite couples to engage in open communication where there are no distractions and where opportunities for negative and unproductive exchanges are avoided. I educate couples on effective communication skills. These skills often help resolve of core issues. 


I tailor my approach to each patient’s particular situation and needs. I have a variety of tools to approach worrisome situations.