Being a parent is certainly challenging. If you choose to involve a therapist to address parenting issues, it is obvious that the therapist needs to have a broad and thorough understanding of those challenges. Being the mother of three grown children and grandmother to three teens (and near teens) has given me plenty of practical experience. Further, for years I was a public and private school teacher, school counselor, and public school district behavioral specialist. And I have been a licensed therapist for over twenty years.

Through all that time in schools and as a counselor, I have worked with parents on parenting issues and with kids on their issues. Therapy can absolutely help with many of those challenges for families and their children. And over time, through study and experiences, I have developed strategies that are particularly helpful.

No matter how experienced a parent is, there is no perfect parent! My first goal is to assist you in finding the best way to tailor a strategy to fit your child’s needs. Another goal is to assist each parent to enjoy these formative years. It’s important to breathe deeply, avoid feeling overwhelmed, and take the time to enjoy your child! Parenting needs to be satisfying and fulfilling and not just a time consumed by worry, stress, and conflict.

Some of the family issues I am called on to help with include:

  1. Establishing consistent rules and discipline
  2. Establishing communication with the child
  3. Achieving work / play balance
  4. Dealing with stress and worry
  5. Dealing with depression
    • Coping with parent depression
    • Coping with childhood depression
  6. Dealing with sibling rivalry
  7. Coping with unique issues of being a single parent
    • Establishing custody arrangements which are practical
    • Establishing communication between parents
    • Setting enforceable and rules for each household
    • Establishing discipline strategies which are agreeable between both households.
    • Working through parental conflict
  8. Effectively interfacing with school administration and teachers
  9. Addressing LGBTQ issues at home, in school, and socially

I am able to assist parents who have children and teens who may be identifying as LGBTQ or questioning their gender or orientation. Having had over twenty years working with the LGBTQ community has provided me plenty of experience. I am aware of the plethora of issues families may face, and can provide support and knowledge while their child explores their gender issues.