Adult Therapy

Life is full of changes, challenges, hurts and disappointments. Having little or no control over events which are stressful or painful can rob you of your ability to maintain control and react in a positive way to life’s events. My goal is to help you to explore your own thoughts and feelings without judgment. I want to help you become effective and confident by generating strategies to deal with issues such as conflict, stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression. Making needed changes will help you experience success and “get out of a rut” of feeling unsatisfied with your life.

I work with you on your communication skills.  Having poor communication skills can have a very negative effect on personal and business relationships. It is so important to be able express yourself clearly and effectively.

Feeling free to explore different facets of your life and identify things you want to change are important. Having a good therapeutic relationship is very important to this process.

Changes can be brought about by addressing the following issues:

  1.  Improving work/life balance
  2. Managing stress
  3. Defining career life’s purpose
  4. Combating anxiety or depression
  5. Strengthening relationships
  6. Eliminating guilt and shame
  7. Change unhealthy habits such as negative self-talk
  8. Creating better life boundaries
  9. Enhancing self-esteem
  10. Improving communication skills
  11. Developing a welcoming attitude for new friendships
  12. Dealing with grief and bereavement
  13. Combating loneliness

In closing, by working through issues you can heal, and even grow stronger. The past can be a great teacher and not one that “breaks you.” Transformation is possible and you will get a sense of empowerment!